Spiral Of Objects

Ad Vat

Welcome to a miasmic world of passion and play, in which humans and dolls interact to the ecstatic point of blurring the boundaries between waking reality and dark dreams; between philosophy and madness; between gender and identity; between lust and violence... Who is human and who is not in this erotic rollercoaster of intense and hallucinogenic twists and turns? When all is said and done, aren’t we all someone else’s plaything...?

”This cruelty to those with small lights in their eyes has fed us from the top down. From a corrupt god, it drains into the culture. From the imperfect being who birthed us. Small himself, no doubt, with the illusion that he is an ambivalent giant. I see it in the superstores utilizing child labor, I see it in our sexual fixations, all of us. It’s a collective sickness, all of us. No, this view I had of the world didn’t give me nihilism, but it did give me the privilege to view myself as separate.” (Ad Vat)

“This novel is sure to become the QUEER and NAKED LUNCH of a generation brought up on fake news, pharmaceutical comforts, and harsh self-effacing in the artificial light of compensatory illusions.” (Vanessa Sinclair, psychoanalyst & author)

146 pages, 6x9", available in paperback, hardbound, and e-book editions.

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Spiral Of Objects
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Spiral Of Objects
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