Chimera Obscura
Selected Exhibitions 2003-2014

Carl Abrahamsson

“Basic wisdom: the shutter is a guillotine that separates the vision of the mind – conscious or not – from the body of (often) ill-expressed desires. The vision is the way in and out: the image as a gateway drug to real unknown pleasures of fantasy and fact. Humanoid celluloid, silver-lined emotional emulsions projecting darkness into the light for some kind of eternity’s sake.”

This book contains photographs from Carl Abrahamsson’s exhibitions Gothic (2003), Lost and Fond (2007), Olika Människor (2007), Death Is In Our Hearts (2009), Kofeina (2010), FanzinEra (2010), and Imprisoned Sentences (2014).

Trapart Books 2023. 180 pages, hardbound.

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