Poetry In Emotion
Volume One

Vanessa Sinclair

“Vanessa Sinclair – Poetry In Emotion” is an experimental film program featuring words, music, and images by Vanessa Sinclair, Carl Abrahamsson, Xambuca, Witchbeam, Carl Michael von Hausswolff, Mikronesia, Joachim Nordwall, Julie Fotheringham, Thomas Bey William Bailey, Katelan Foisy, Val Denham, and Sheer Zed.

The program contains the following films from 2016-2018: This is New York, The Scarlet Woman, Pushing the consistent failure, Message 23, Believe in any space, Make the Witches Come, Fetishize Immediacy, Wormhole Staircase, Are you doing the work angelic?, The spirits of a place call, 23rd Mind, Dream and Body and Voice, Someone is waiting for me, To be back with you, Waiting, It can be chaotic and disturbing, Hunter’s Moon, Eleven, The path behind you.

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