Tom Benson: "Self Portrait"

Tom Benson

Tom Benson (1935-1999), Sweden’s surrealist master, created a multitude of phantasmagoric images based on fictive characters and dream-like landscapes. Using his powerful photographs in mind-altering collages, he opened up and displayed inner vistas saturated with mystery, adventure and eroticism. Benson’s rich visions mercilessly catapult the viewer into unchartered psychic and emotional territories filled with intelligence, humorous twists and turns, sexual fantasies, eerie people and spooky environments – all elegantly woven together in a turbulent tapestry celebrating the human imagination.

This 2020 edition was made in 23 hand-numbered copies, all signed by Benson’s widow, Marja Sipola-Cuss, and ranging from numbers 8-23. Size 210 x 297 mm, printed on archival photographic paper. Included is also a copy of the Trapart book “Tom Benson: Visionary,” the only real monograph so far of this remarkable and highly inspirational Swedish artist.

You might also want to check out the very rare hard-bound edition of the book, which comes with a larger size print of the image “William Dreaming” (available in the section ART/EDITIONS, subsection PRINTS).

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