Watercolours 2008-2019

Fredrik Söderberg

A massive monograph that elegantly displays Söderberg’s watercolour work of the past decade. From explorations of the Occult, over Anthroposophy, Victorian pornography, Germanicism, Austin Osman Spare, and on to Catholic iconography, Söderberg consistently creates images that tell a much fuller story; from evocative portraits of key people to landscapes, psychedelic, geometric systems and architectural presentations. Söderberg’s visual acumen relays a constantly searching mind, and one that also finds and paints, in order to evaluate not only what has been but also what is yet to come. A truly magical and stunningly potent monograph.

Nordiska Akvarellmuseet, Skärhamn, 2020. Hardbound with wrapper, 168 pages. 23 x 29 cms. Texts by Bera Nordal and Fredrik Söderberg.

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