Carfax Monographs lithograph

Steffi Grant

A litograph based on Steffi Grant's image from her and husband Kenneth Grant's classic book "The Carfax Monographs." Steffi Grant (1923-2019) was a unique British artist who captured the eternal mysteries together with her husband Kenneth (1924-2011). Their work within the "Typhonian" OTO, and also with promoting the creative sorcery and legacy of fellow British artist Austin Osman Spare, is an invaluable cornerstone of contemporary Western occultism.

This is the only authorized print by Steffi Grant that has ever been produced. This litograph was printed in Sweden during 2013, and then signed and numbered in London by the artist.

Sheet size 28 x 42 cm. Printed on high quality, archival art paper stock. Signed and numbered in recto by the artist. Limited edition of 31 copies.

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