Back to human nature (DVD)

Carl Abrahamsson (ed.)

"Back to human nature!" contains new cinematic work by four Swedish artists and one Finnish audiovisual group. Dynamic, consciousness-expanding and awareness-raising, these films range from minimalistic meditations, animated analyses, over ritualistic reverence and psychic soulsearching, to primordial possession. With minimal means, these artists have created unique multidimensional visions of an inner state of mind and, more importantly, of experimental magical attempts to overcome the frustrations we all experience in contemporary culture, urbanized globalisation and technological stress. Their results are colourful cinematic talismans, beamed from five highly creative mind-entities to the world outside.

A film program celebrating a new old perception of nature, featuring amazing works by Fetish 23, Halo Manash, Christine Odlund, Nadine Byrne and Gustaf Broms.

Curated/produced by Carl Abrahamsson, Sweden, 2015. Runtime: 130min.

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