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    A new documentary in

    Carl Abrahamsson's An Art Apart series

    about British artist Genesis Breyer P-Orridge

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    The Fenris Wolf will soon return, hungrier than ever. Expected release date Summer Solstice 2016. Please make sure you don't miss any relevant info concerning this and other books/projects by signing up for the newsletter at trapart.net

  • Silent Lips


    Young Swedish woman Alice travels with her abusive American boyfriend in the Balkans. As their relationship goes from bad to worse, Alice drifts more and more into an emotional void, which leads to violent repercussions.

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About us

TRAPART was started by Carl Abrahamsson in Stockholm, Sweden, in 2012. The aim is to publish art books and editions, focusing mainly on photography. TRAPART is also a production company for documentaries about art and artists, as well as feature-length movies.

TRAPART books are distributed in Sweden/Scandinavia via Bokrondellen

The films from TRAPART FILM are issued by Njutafilms. If you'd like to sell or distribute them on DVD, please contact NJUTAFILMS.

Would you like to sell our books and/or distribute our films? Do you have a project of your own that you’d like to discuss? Please feel free to get in touch!